55 - 59 One Piece Window Template

This is just a page for downloading the template for the 55-59 chevy truck one piece window fab that was done by Blackdiesel and Grimss on the 67-72chevy truck board. All technical questions should be directed to that page. http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?t=366078

This is a very impressive bit of collaboration in the true nature of hotrodding that solves some nagging issues with the existing one piece setups.

The files are as follows.

One Zip file that has 9 PDF files so you can print and assemble the template on a regular 8.5 x11 printer. Template file with instructions. 1.2 mb


9 separate PDF files for those that are on dial up.
Instruction Page
First Page
Second Page
Third Page
Fourth Page
Fifth Page
Sixth Page
Seventh Page
Eight Page


One file that can be printed on a large format printer such as a Kinko's or Office depot store printer or plotter Large format file. 1.5 mb

The PDF reader software download for those that do not have it.

Adobe PDF Reader

For questions related to the template use the link above. I don't have any technical knowledge to add to it and my only involvement is hosting the files. If you have problems downloading the files contact me info@thoroco.com